Transportation Management System

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TRANSVIEW Data Fusion Engine

The data fusion engine collects real-time and historical information (e.g., speed and travel time) referenced to a local transportation network (links, nodes), maps the information to a regional reference system (links, nodes), to produce a normalized aggregated regional view of the information.

Data Collection Module:

TRANSVIEW acquires data from variety of data sources: public and private transportation agencies. These data sources can be GPS data ,probe data, Bluetooth data and roadway sensor based . In addition, the TRANSVIEW DFE collects CCTV images provided by private transportation data providers and public agencies. TRANSVIEW can also collect additional data such parking data.

TRANSVIEW Data Processes

After collecting data from the above data sources, TRANSVIEW then validates, verifies the processed data into a useable format and fuses it into a single feed.

The TRANSVIEW DFE allows agencies to view a single source that combines information from various inputs into an accurate representation of speed, travel time, and event information (incidents, construction, and special events) on highways and transit facilities within the TRANSVIEW region. For example, an agency could view probe data showing speed data on a particular bridge, and then also view Bluetooth data showing a slightly different speed on the same bridge. Instead, TRANSVIEW fuses this speed data into a single output that provides agency with a single, accurate representation of activity in the TRANSVIEW region.

To accomplish this, TRANSVIEW converts inputs to a geographically universal format, allowing for links, or segments of roadway, that may be different sizes in different user systems to match up into a universal TRANSVIEW format. Finally, TRANSVIEW pushes this data out to agencies and the public through several formats.

TRANSVIEW SPATEL (Selected Priorities Applied to Evaluated Links)

An archive of historical speed and incident data used as a planning tool, and as a source for reporting performance measures.

The TRANSVIEW DFE outputs data to agencies through the TRANSVIEW Archive, also known as TRANSVIEW SPATEL. This tool is available to agencies through a web portal available with a secure password. The TRANSVIEW SPATEL Archive allows agencies to search historical travel time, incident and speed data through an interactive archive format. Agencies may select geographic locations and search for traffic data within specific parameters. This provides a powerful operations and planning tool to agencies. In addition, this tool is the source of performance measures for agencies.

TRANSVIEW Middleware

Provides an ITS standards-based interface for center-to-center communications.

The TRANSVIEW Middleware aims to create a platform where agencies can exchange transportation information using open standards. This will allow agencies to connect through a secure, middleware platform to access and upload data in a common format.

Much of the data in the middleware project is already available to member agencies, either through the TRANSVIEW Data Exchange. However, the TRANSVIEW Middleware creates a one-stop shop where member agencies can access all TRANSVIEW data. In addition, the standards-based approach, utilizing the TMDD 3.03 and SAE J2354 standards, will allow for a single, simple data format for agencies to both access TRANSVIEW data and to upload their data to TRANSVIEW.

TRANSVIEW Data Exchange

A secure API that allows agencies, including centers and devices, to access real-time transportation information gathered by TRANSVIEW via ITS Standards-based interface.

Currently, TRANSVIEW DE has two systems that output data to agencies and to the public in variety of data formats like XML, JSON, GEORSS, and CSV. In addition, TRANSVIEW DE is an API feed that delivers traffic and transit information in real time to agencies. This information is primarily used by agency systems, such as ATMS software, as well as directly to DMS operated by any agencies. This allows specific travel times for routes connected to DMS to be updated in real time. Finally, TRANSVIEW DE pushes this same data to 511 systems. These feeds allow the traveling public to access this same accurate, real time information through the Internet and telephone, as well through mobile devices.

User Benefits

Policy and Decision Makers

Numerical data analysis of transportation performance measures to justify funding for transportation improvements.

Agency Executives

Performance measures, map and dashboard views of regional transportation network conditions.

Operations Staffs

Map and dashboard views of regional transportation network conditions.

Operations Planning

Performance measures and playback of events to review how well they were handled.

Traveler Information

Real time information that meets SAFETEA-LU Section 1201 requirements.

Planning Staff

View historical data, speed and travel time data, to use in the planning process.


Data feeds available for member agency, university research staff and developers.

System brochure and white paper

Our client TRANSCOM has developed a broucher and white paper of the systems developed by Infosenseglobal. Click here to review these documents.

Our client TRANSCOM has developed a white paper of the system... Click here to review this documents.

Compatible For All Devices

TRANSVIEW acquires data from variety of data sources from public and private transportation agencies.