The aroma of delicious cuisines overtook the pungent smell of livestock when the ISG family participated in the Masterchef event held at Hotel Haveli. The event was held on 28th Feb when Bapu visited here. This was a great chance for ISG family to display their cooking skills and nutritional knowledge as they compete for the winning position.

10 teams were formed with 10 members in each team. The teams were guided by the Bapu about the concept the event prior to event and were asked to decide a team name for their teams. After several meetings brainstorming teams came up with fascinating team names varying from Chutney Changs, Falcon Battalion, InfoClan, Spartans of ISG, Beat by Ray etc. Everybody gathered at Hotel Haveli at the decided time along with the bags containing a host of surprise ingredients, all of which had to appear in the resulting dish. Teams were given 1 hour to come up with delicacies. All the participants seemed armed with plenty of practice. Teams were also asked to prepare a chart presentation to be used for team presentation while displaying the dishes they prepared. Very soon the time flew away and the time of judgment arrived. The dishes were judged on taste, hygiene, work and the way team took this event as a project and handled it at every phase. The event was concluded announcing the winner; “InfoClan” team. Everybody showcased true competitive spirit and learned the essence of team work.