Oracle E-Business Suite is the most comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications that enables an organization to make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase performance. Infosenseglobal can help you manage the complexities of your global business environments no matter how big or small is your organization. With experience in Global implementations and localizations in all the 3 regions, we can guarantee you uninterrupted Oracle upgrades and smooth implementations. We specialize in GLOCAL philosophy, that is implementing Global systems with Local implementations. Glocalization helps in making transitions easier, thus resulting the entire organization in adapting to standard and harmonized Oracle EBS system.

Customer Relationship Management

This area comprises of Oracle EBS Order Management and Fulfillment applications that fall under Oracle SCM. Functionalities such as Advanced Pricing, Oracle Configurator, Global Order Promising etc. reside under this group. In addition, Oracle Service and Sales fall under the CRM umbrella. Together all of these applications ensure rapid delivery of the product and high quality service to the end customer ultimately resulting in high profitability and cost reduction.

Service Management

A true information driven-customer service is achievable only with the Oracle EBS family of Service Management applications such as Field Service, Service Contracts, iSupport, Depot Repair, Mobile Field Service, etc. Here in, you can simplify contract management by having single repository, at the same time dispatch technicians to service calls to remote locations, provide your customers a self-service internet and / or mobile application to report issues or bugs that may require service and explore a knowledge management system to providing information on how to self-fix the problems. In addition it will help in automating the in house repair process and RMA process as well. Ultimately this will result in improving customer satisfaction due to high speed resolutions and will also help in further drive costs down.

Financial Management

Oracles Financial Management suite covers the entire Procure to Pay (Purchasing, Payables, GL, iExpense, iProcurement, etc. modules) and Credit to Cash (Payments, Collections, Receivables) functionalities, in addition, it also provides Asset Lifecycle Management (Fixed Assets, Enterprise Management Assets System, Projects Suite) to effectively track various types of assets without creating a huge management overhead. This will enable the organization to become more data driven and work smarter, increase efficiency and reduce back-office costs with standardized processes for shared services, productivity tools, and integrated performance management.

Human Capital Management

This HCM suite which comprises of the Oracle Advanced Benefits, HRMS Workbench, Global HR and Foundation, Payroll, Time and Labor, etc. modules delivers a robust set of best-in-class human resources functionality that enables you to increase productivity, accelerate business performance, and lower your cost of ownership. This enforces consistent HR policies, reports business metrics from a single source of truth, and provides a “global engine” for worldwide HR management. Within this suite you will be able to forecast labor and workload demand, define and assign schedules to meet business objectives, capture time worked, absences and other labor data, track adherence to schedules and productivity, and adhere to labor laws and pay rules. Together these all work in tandem to support the unique and varied requirements of users from countries around the world on a single platform.

Project Portfolio Management

The Oracle EBS family of Project Portfolio Management consists of the Oracle Project Management, Billing, Contracts, Costing, etc. modules. With the PPM suite PM’s will be able to integrate Project Planning and Tracking, Improve Budget and Forecast Oversight, Effectively Control Project Issues and Changes and Track, Manage, and Communicate Project Performance. Together with the Oracle EBS, PPM suite supports the full lifecycle of project and portfolio management with a single, accurate view of all project-related activities and industry leading functionality allows users to select the best portfolio of initiatives.

Advanced Procurement

Oracle Advanced Procurement is the integrated suite of applications that dramatically cuts all supply management costs. Modules such as iSupplier, iProcurement, Purchasing, etc. make up the Oracle Advanced Procurement suite. These web based modules allow employees to create, manage, and track their own orders while the Purchasing department retains central control. This results in reducing spend on goods and services, and further streamlines procure-to-pay processes, and drives policy compliance.

Supply Chain Management

Oracle Manufacturing, Advanced Supply Chain Planning, Demantra, Agile are just few of the modules that make up the entire Oracle EBS family of SCM application. The Oracle EBS Supply Chain Management family of applications integrates and automates all key supply chain processes, from design, planning and procurement to manufacturing and fulfillment, providing a complete solution set to enable companies to power information-driven value chains. It will further ensure that your products are priced correctly. Reduced development and manufacturing costs with automated processes make users much more productive. Last but not least, end user can be confident that the products delivered are of high quality and compliant with customer and regulatory requirements.

Value Chain Planning

With the Oracle EBS Value Chain Planning suite you can focus on customers and grow your revenue. Make better and faster planning decisions and also align plans with operations to achieve results. Drive operational excellence and achieve profit goals by balancing demand and supply around a one-number forecast. These are just a few of the functionalities that can be achieved within the EBS family of VCP suite. In addition automated forecasting ensures that your plans are based on the most accurate forecasts—without hiring additional statistical expertise. The result is a customer-centric organization with higher service levels and sales, lower inventory and distribution costs, and satisfied customers. Some of the Oracle modules that make up VCP suite are Advanced Supply Chain Planning, Demantra, Collaborative Planning, Global Order Promising, etc.

Value Chain Execution

Oracle's Value Chain Execution suite is a comprehensive set of supply chain execution applications that work together to provide customers with a broad array of logistics capabilities. This comprises of Oracle modules such as Warehouse Management Systems, Mobile Supply Chain, Transportation Management, Inventory Management, etc. Within the VCE suite you will find solutions that provide a single platform across an entire global supply chain. By coordinating and optimizing resource usage and material flows, you can improve labor and space utilization, reduce fulfillment costs, and improve shipment accuracy. Improve inventory visibility, reduce inventory levels, and control inventory operations. Perform common warehouse and shop floor transactions through hand-held devices and truck-mounted scanners.

Developing enhancements and maintaining your existing Oracle EBS system can prove a great success for your business operations. However, if not planned, implemented and executed correctly, developments can seriously backfire. Infosenseglobal, an Oracle Gold partner, offers comprehensive development and technical architecture services across Oracle E-Business (EBS) and Oracle Cloud suite of applications. Our significant industry experience can take the burden of development off you and your team, enabling you to maintain your focus on the strategic aspects of the business while we take care of the tactical pieces. Our specialists will help you to decide when custom development would be a benefit – and when it wouldn’t. We’ll also show you the best tools and approaches to suit your development projects, and ensure you achieve your desired timeframe. Critically most importantly, before any development begins we’ll raise the flag-up for potential impact that might have on your future Oracle systems upgrades, this ensuring you don’t suffer from the ‘hangover’ of a poorly-planned implementation.

Global Implementations

Infosenseglobal, an Oracle Gold partner, offers comprehensive development and technical architecture services across Oracle E-Business (EBS) and Oracle Cloud suite of applications. Our team has immense technical and functional knowledge and experience in implementing, upgrading and rolling out Oracle EBS in America, EMEA and APAC regions. We specialize in GLOCAL philosophy that is implementing Global systems with local implementations. Glocalization helps in making transitions easier, thus resulting the entire organization in adapting a standard and harmonized Oracle EBS system. Over the last decade we have done more than a dozen Oracle EBS global roll outs in the areas of Finance, SCM, Operations, Customer Service, etc. and utilized our EBS Implementation Accelerators. The use of these accelerators results in the implementations being deployed in a rapid manner, with years of experience it goes extremely smooth resulting in a unrivaled customer experience.

R12 Upgrade

Every IT Organization faces the challenge of being compliant with the latest Oracle releases. This is a huge undertaking for the IT organization as it's already tasked with the strategic initiatives. This is where Infosenseglobal can help, our team of R12 Architects and experts can develop a road map for the upgrade. In addition they can also plan out the necessary development and legacy code migration to support the new release or upgrade. In addition Infosenseglobal can also help you identify and resolve the potential data issues that might need a possible migration and/or legacy custom developments that will no longer be supported within the new upgrade. Being an Oracle Gold partner, guarantees that our teams will use Oracle tools and processes that comply with industry standard software development life cycle and hence ensure a timely upgrade with no issues.

Data Migration / Migration Accelerators

With a decade of experience in global roll outs and having organizations move towards standardization and harmonization of the Oracle EBS system, we have developed rapid agile accelerators that can help you migrate your legacy application in an Oracle EBS environment. This migration could be necessary due to an Oracle upgrade, or global implementation or due to an acquisition. Our experts not only have the deep Oracle knowledge, but also the depth of experience in how Oracle best functions for companies with manufacturing and supply chain operational needs. Our accelerators have been built not only using the re-usable components that we have developed over the years but also our industry experience and our own techniques as well. Together with a wealth of experience and know-how we can provide you comprehensive E-Business Suite services/offerings in the areas of Data migration and enable you to maximize returns on your Oracle investments.

EBS Customization

IT leaders are constantly under extreme pressure to deliver either ad hoc, customer facing or internal reports to various business owners on a daily basis. In addition there are non stop new requirements emerging for enhancing the finance and operation areas of the Oracle EBS platform. This takes away time from the strategic initiatives and a lot of time is spent in fire fighting. We at Infosenseglobal have a team of senior developers and architects that can help you develop these enhancements for your business leaders on-site or offshore. Our experts are familiar with various Oracle technologies such as Discoverer, Oracle Reports & Forms, Oracle Portal, SOA, OA Framework, etc. and will handle this burden of yours efficiently. Being an Oracle Gold partner, guarantees that our teams will use Oracle tools and processes that comply with industry standard software development life cycle and hence ensure these report developments happen with no issues and can be upgrade compliant as well.


Every global implementation results in a localization need, whether it is a Golden Gate implementation in China, or a SEPA Banking requirement in EMEA, or a complex Brazilian Tax requirement, we at Infosenseglobal have the solution ready with us. Whether it is global Oracle implementation, legacy modernization, process innovation or digital transformation, we take a holistic approach in providing solutions that offer result driven outcomes with minimal business disruptions. Our GLOCAL philosophy makes sure that although we are helping the organization move towards standardization and harmonization the local needs of the business are included as well.

3rd Party Systems Integration

Organizations need to be nimble to stay competitive in today’s dynamic business environment. There is no single system that can satisfy or meet the needs of the entire enterprise. There is a constant need for integrating with Labeling, EDI, Shipping, etc. software packages that are crucial to your daily business operations. This is where Infosenseglobal comes in to play. Infosenseglobal, being an Oracle Gold partner can guide you and your teams in best practices of integration with these 3rd party software, in most cases we can even offer you a cookie cutter solution that is high quality and is already deployed and certified at one of our existing clients. We can also review if any of your existing legacy systems that lack flexibility and adaptability can be migrated within a standard Oracle EBS solution thus reducing support costs and maintenance overheads.


EDI is the electronic transmission of business documents from one company's computer Application to another company's computer Application using standardized formats prescribed by National or International standards.

EDI has three major components :

Trading Partner , Translation Software , Communication

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Labels provide a competitive advantage in the business of manufacturing, but today the amount of critical data that needs to be printed on a barcode label far surpasses what was considered to be sufficient in the past. There are more than 1000 label types developed using EZ Label, and all are to be manually entered. But, none of them are integrated with Oracle Database.