Infrastructure as a Service

Through the use of Oracle’s IaaS product range, we offer many substantial benefits to our customers. Implementing IaaS provides cost effective and easily scalable IT solutions. Instead of purchasing and installing hardware yourself, let ISG tap into the Oracle Public Cloud offerings through our efficient services.

Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Service

BMCS allows you to utilize the ease of the public cloud with the predictability and security of on-premise infrastructure. With BMCS, we are able to guarantee customers high performance, availability, and cost-effective computer services that businesses expect from on-premise data centers.

Oracle Ravello Cloud Service

Ravello Cloud Service allows companies to migrate VM software into the cloud in a few simple steps. Paired with Infosenseglobal, we guarantee increased agility, scalability, and high fidelity when transferring software and data to the cloud, resulting in reduced costs.

Oracle Container Cloud Service

Container Cloud Service enables you to create an enterprise-grade container infrastructure. With the help of Oracle’s Public Cloud, Infosenseglobal can provide a fast, easy, and operations ready solution for you to manage your docker container based applications on the cloud. Immediate benefits include a simple, cost-effective way to manage your applications and businesses.

Oracle Compute Cloud Service

Compute Cloud Service enables you to migrate workloads and run them at any time, day or night. Additionally, CCS provides flexibility to scale with predictable performance, migration of workloads, and increased control. CCS is complete with enterprise level security to ensure your company’s work is secure and protected at all times.

Oracle Storage Cloud Service

Storage Cloud Service is a secure and reliable public cloud and archive service that supports business needs for cloud-based data storage. SCS provides a fast, safe way for you to expand and manage your business, accessing your data from anywhere that is connected to the internet.

Oracle Network Cloud Service

Network Cloud Service enables you to have a high bandwidth connection between your data centers and cloud services. ISG can help you utilize NCS to provide you with a more secure, speedier connection to the Oracle Public Cloud.

Platform as a Service

Oracle’s many PAAS offerings allow Infosenseglobal to help its customers build, develop, and deploy applications and services over the internet using an enterprise-grade cloud platform. Oracle’s enterprise grade PAAS products are adaptive and flexible platforms where businesses can customize their platforms to their specific needs. Not only is it adaptable, but it generates faster innovation, productivity, and reduce costs. With assistance from Infosenesglobal, you can tap into the amazing features offered by Oracle platforms, features such as operating systems, database management, and server software.

Data Management

Oracle’s Data Management Platform allows companies to gain instant access to the cloud in order to meet all their data management and business needs. With this platform, Infosenseglobal promises its customers a way to accelerate their company's pace of innovation and agility through the set of capabilities for building, deploying, and managing data driven applications.

Application Development

With Oracle’s Application Development platform, businesses can develop modern business applications faster and with more ease. This platform guarantees a comprehensive suite of services for rapid deployment. We can help our customers tap into this platform which results in more agile development lifecycles, while also promising security and low costs for the business.


Oracle Integration Cloud Service simplifies how you build integrations in the cloud, letting you digitally connect to applications and services both in the cloud and on-premises. Infosenseglobal promises it's customers a seamless integration of cloud services and on-premises applications for its customers, while also guaranteeing faster innovation services that give the customers an edge over their competitors.

Systems Management

Oracle Management Cloud is a suite of integrated monitoring, management, and analytical cloud services. This platform allows businesses to prevent application outages and improve IT stability. With the help of System Management platform, Infosenseglobal guarantees a great cloud experience where you can resolve application issues quicker, run IT like a business, and eliminate multiple information silos.

Content and Experience

Oracle’s Content and Experience management solutions modernize customer and employee experiences in order to achieve faster ROI. With this service, our customers will be able to transform their operations, find new markets, develop new business models, and engage all in new and innovative ways. Infosenseglobal can assist the customers in streamlining the creation and delivery of content and improving customer/employee engagement which will help drive businesses forward.

Business Analytics

Oracle’s Cloud Platform for Business Analytics delivers amazing user experience with powerful visual explorations and analytics capabilities. Through this platform, Infosenseglobal provides integrated solutions that combine data from sources to provide the customers with a complete view of their business. We guarantee a wide range of information that allows our customers to operate more efficiently and gain insight into every aspect of their business.

Oracle Cloud at Customer

Oracle Cloud at Customer is a new innovative way where companies can move their businesses to cloud. This service bypasses the legislative and regulatory restraints some companies may have faced when trying to move to the cloud. With the Cloud machine all the Oracle Cloud services become available within your company’s data center. With this service, we promise our customers an effortless way to access, migrate, and utilize their data in a cost efficient and secured manner.

Oracle Cloud and Intel

The newest processors made by partners Oracle and Intel provide customers with the performance and protection needed with enterprise workloads. With these processors, we guarantee our customers a premium experience of power and capabilities to handle any type of data intensive workloads.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the third main category of Oracle Public cloud offering. SaaS is a software distribution model where Oracle Cloud enables customers by providing applications available over the internet. With this distribution model, we guarantee great customer experience because our services are integrated with analytical, mobile and social capabilities that deliver experiences you will enjoy.

Customer Experience (CX)

Partnered with Oracle, Infosenseglobal offers you the Oracle CX Cloud Suite. This software creates amazing customer experiences that customers love because it gives them a competitive advantage. This suite guarantees an effective way to engage customers through digital and physical channels that will improve company’s customer retention, up-sell, and brand advocacy.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

With Oracle’s Human Capital Management Cloud, companies are equipped to find, nurture and retain the best talent while simplifying their human resources. With Oracle’s SAAS HCM solution and combined with Infosenseglobal implementation best practices customers will accomplish a collaborative, engaging, and mobile employee, executive, and HR experience through the talent and consumer-based strategy. Not only this but we promise increased global agility, and a better workforce management way to optimize your company’s work time.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

With Oracle’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud, companies are equipped to empower modern finances, reporting and analytics, and procurement in a method that reduces costs. With the aid of this service, Infosenseglobal promises its customers a way to increase productivity and controls, all at a lower cost along with helping the customers with a successful method to streamline their business process.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Oracle’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud allows the companies to create their own intelligent supply chain with the benefit of functional innovation. It allows the companies to deploy functionality incrementally, with minimal risk, lower cost, and maximum flexibility—all with the benefit of ongoing functional innovation. With this software, we guarantee our customers a method of efficient and productive maintenance, while also having a way to reimagine the business, practices and experiences.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud enables businesses to have predictable performances and connect their entire organization. With the help of this service, Infosenseglobal can provide a way to empower a company of any size to plan and execute an efficient method of budgeting and planning, account reconciliation, financial consolidation, cost management, and tax reporting. This provides capability to forecast accuracy and Profitability and Cost Management.

Internet of Things

Oracle’s Internet of Things allows companies to connect and manage their production lines, transportation fleets, and worker safety. It is a secure and scalable platform which Connect, Analyze and Integrate with existing enterprise application for growth of business and to know real time status of business which can be used for Oracle's BI. As this integrates with existing infrastructure, real time IoT data can be integrated to oracle with minimum efforts. With this software, we guarantee our customers a way to become more connected and create a better working environment, all for a lower cost.

SaaS Analytics

Oracle’s Analytics Cloud covers a company’s needs for business intelligence, big data analytics, and embedded SaaS analytics. We can help you tap into this service and guarantee a way to increase workforce effectiveness, maximize CRM success, and power an efficient supply network.

Oracle BI Cloud Service is a cost-effective, enterprise-class analytics platform in the cloud that empowers you to do more with less. It is quick to start, easy to adapt, mobile, flexible, and provides fine-grained security


Oracle’s Data Cloud enables companies to use consumer information and data to measure marketing and effectiveness of products. With this software, we can provide our customers an effective way to analyze consumer data that would measure the effectiveness of every engagement and personalize every interaction. This empowers every business to take control of their consumer data, all at an affordable price.