OARS – The Ultimate in Business Wide Security Access

Security is critical to your operation. But could your control over systems access be tighter? With OARS, employee access levels are integrated organization-wide and automatically managed more stringently than ever before. Taking access management to a new level, OARS makes setting up a new employee’s security profile fast, efficient and totally secure. This reduces the risks associated with simply copying an entire predecessor profile, with its likely inherited access to arbitrary business systems.

Instead, our innovative technology enables planned and logical access control. Authorization levels are individual, role-based, and can be combined with authorization settings. The result? A streamlined, employee-by-employee approach to security.

Key Features

Automated, controlled and simplified user Provisioning

Better Compliance through SOD control at source

Improved protection against fraud and Errors

Automated periodic user access reviews

Reduced IT/helpdesk cost and Compliance overhead

Breeze through your IT EBS Audits

Effective and Affordable Controls That Are Easy to Manage

OARS – What it Can Do For You

Secure System Modes

The administrator console allows management of system modes, dependent on the Oracle Application e-Business Suite requirements, from manual mode to fully automatic mode.


By managing different types of security profiles across user groups of Administrator and Responsibility Approver, the system’s gatekeeper can maintain set guidance for each group’s access levels.

User Request Management

By capturing detailed information about each user request as a ticket, categories can be identified into groups such as user creation requests and and allocation/de-allocation requests. Each ticket is processed according to the system mode in use, and is effortlessly tracked, sorted and reported.

Security Roles

The simple to use, central administration console makes creating, managing and propagating security settings quick and easy.

Protection at every access point

By closely integrating with Oracle Applications e-Business Suite, OARS protects your resources from the point of every single access. With the solution’s authenticated access cascading through your organization, only individuals with the correct authority to access systems can do so.


Mandated by Infosenseglobal and recommended by auditors, Segregation of Duties (SOD) is advocated as the most effective way to reduce the risk of internal fraud, by ensuring that users can only access authorized functions.

Allows you to build robust, proactive, manageable controls into your live system

Prevents future SOD violations

Up-to-date SOD status information is available on demand

Greatly reduces the time needed to manage SOD controls and achieve SOX compliance

Reduces the workload needed to prepare for your audits and clean up afterwards

Provides the evidence of controls that auditors demand, reducing the time taken to complete the audit

Affordable by organizations of all sizes.

The Technology behind the Solution

OARS was developed in Oracle Application Framework commonly known as OA Framework or OAF architecture. This is a proprietary framework developed by Oracle Corporation for application development within the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS).

OA Framework is Model-view-controller (MVC) framework built using Java EE technologies which increases modularity of the system. Oracle Access Request System surpasses in complex, heterogeneous enterprise environments and integrates with in-box application servers.