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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most vital transformation in data privacy regulation in the last twenty years affecting security and sensitivity of data. With GDPR, consumers will be in charge of their data. The law affects not just companies in the EU member states but even those across the globe that gather and route data from customers dwelling in EU nations.

The EU GDPR is developed and meant to:

  • Synchronize data privacy laws across Europe
  • Shield and empower data privacy
  • Remodel the way organizations deal with data privacy

The GDPR imposes a penalty structure of 4% overall turnover or EUR 20 million in scenarios of non-compliances. So, gaps amid existing programs and the GDPR needs should be carefully analyzed, along with the level of risks.

EU GDPR and ORACLE E-Business Suite (EBS) Implementations

We at Infosenseglobal have delivered superior technology solutions and business initiatives backed by proficient support to businesses across the world. We are committed to assisting you to develop a strategy and enable compliance around GDPR.

Data Protection Professional Services from Infosenseglobal

Data minimization is the system practice wherein controllers and processors utilize the minimum amount of data necessary to productively complete their task. For instance, if controllers only call for addresses from data subjects for a project that consists of 3 months, that data needs to be erased once that project is concluded.

How GDPR relates to Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) implementations

GDPR relates to processing of personal data and for Oracle EBS, it covers the applications with EBS seeded columns, descriptive flex fields, profiles & lookups, attachments, custom tables and fields with Logs, Report Outputs & File Systems. It even includes non-ERP databases & applications which such as, Labelling, WMS, EDI, CRM and more. It further covers Business Intelligence applications including Reporting and Data Warehouse solutions.

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Data Minimization - An area where Infosenseglobal can help

    It ensures Oracle best practices are applied -

  • Data Integrity is always maintained, hence always in compliance.
  • Anonymization of the sensitive and personal information.
  • Best practices in Oracle programming.
  • Detailed commenting and documentation.
  • Leverage Oracle Data Masking Tools or Custom Tools.
  • You own the final scripts.