Oracle iProcurement Implementation at a leading manufacturer of fastening products

What is Oracle iProcurement?

iProcurement, as defined by Oracle, is the self-service requisitioning application that controls your spending. It provides a Web-based shopping system that allows employees to create, manage, and track their own orders while the Purchasing department retains central control. This not only helps in ensuring, that policies and preferred pricing agreements are reflected in every transaction, but also, eases ordering and provides a seamless workflow for better service, while non-sourced or off-catalog spending gets the attention it needs from buying professionals.

Problem Areas

  • Manual process involved for procurement of Ad hoc & non-cataloged items.
  • No traceability of Purchase order approval.
  • No control on charge account assignment.
  • No streamlined procurement process for certain kinds of contracts & services.
  • Approval hierarchy modification for specific scenarios.


To overcome the problems, we implemented Smart Forms and Streamlined Order Placements in different segments

Introduction of Smart Forms to get Control of Non-Catalog Requests.

Often a user needs goods or services that aren’t available in the catalog. With Oracle iProcurement’s Smart Forms, purchasing can easily gather and organize these non-catalog purchases. Smart Forms are fully-configurable templates that default key information, such as preferred suppliers, category, and price on the request and gather other information needed to validate and execute the order. We have created smart forms for such non-cataloged requests to help user in procurement

Streamlining of Order Placement for the following modules


  • Shopping Lists
  • Copy Orders
  • Service requests
  • Non-Catalog Requests
  • Automatic Document creation
  • Centralized Purchasing


  • Multiple Account Distributions and Account Generation Workflow Integration
  • Notes – Additional Item Information, Upload and View Attachments
  • Approvers – Approval Routing Configuration, Vacation Scheduling
  • Review / Submit, Cancellations

Desktop Receiving

  • Requesters can receive orders in iProcurement and confirm receipt
  • iProcurement automatically records the receipt transaction.

And plenty of personalization as per user requirement.

Author: Ankur Modi