Shopfloor Management at a leading manufacturer of optics and reprography products

Shopfloor Management

What is Shop Floor?

The area in a manufacturing facility where assembly or production is carried out, either by an automated system or by workers or a combination of both is termed as Shop Floor. It may also include equipment, inventory and storage areas.

Overview of Oracle Shop Floor Management

Oracle Shop Floor Management is a part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, an integrated set of applications, which is designed to transform your business to an e-business.

Oracle Shop Floor Management manages complex Shop Floor information and bridges the gap between Oracle Manufacturing and the Shop Floor by expanding the capabilities of Oracle’s Manufacturing Applications.

Oracle Shop Floor Management uses a single data repository to guarantee information consistency for manufacturing execution. You can create and release discrete jobs and lot based jobs in the same manufacturing organization.

Problem Areas

  • If we use oracle WIP Discrete job functionality, then system allows single user to work on single job only and if they want to work on multiple job then again, they must search for the job and start operations.
  • Non-production activity manual timing calculation is not seeded in oracle.
  • If one user is working on multiple organization, then handling job is very difficult.


To overcome the problems of Oracle Shop Floor Management we have created custom Shop Floor Application for our client.

This Shop Floor application allows users to do most of the Shop Floor transactions easily with simplified touch screen and simple navigation.

Shop Floor application enables the employees of an organization to stay informed with the real-time access to activities on the Shop Floor, as it happens. This application is composed of the methods and systems for the detailed management of activities and the flow of materials inside the plant, including employees, materials, machines, and production time.

Shop Floor is a remarkable platform to analyze and monitor manufacturing data and status to effectively manage manufacturing operations. This application also promotes transparency within an organization.

  • Easy to start and stop multiple jobs at a time.
  • Real time monitoring of jobs and their status.
  • Pre-defined job requirements.
  • Cost of Labor calculation.
  • Non-Productive Activities recordings.
  • Allows multiple users to work on a common system.
  • Facility to check on hand quantities from single interface.
  • Easy and paperless supervision.
  • Job history maintenance.
  • Switch user feature.

Author: Ankur Modi