2017 Outstanding ITS Project of The Year at NY

For the second year in a row Infosenseglobal, our client TRANSCOM and implementation partner ConSysTec were the co-recipients of the prestigious award “2017 Outstanding ITS Project of the Year – Real-Time Transit Data” presented by the Intelligent Transportation Society (ITS) of New York.

The award was presented at the 24th Annual ITS New York Meeting and Technology Exhibition in Saratoga Springs, NY on June 15, 2017.

This year’s award was based on Infosenseglobal’s work on the development and implementation of the multi-agency Transit data interface into TRANSCOM’s Data Exchange for Real-Time Transit Data Feed and integrated into SPATEL DFE/Tools.

“Working with TRANSCOM staff and the public transit agencies, the Infosenseglobal Team analyzed and developed the “Regional Real-Time Transit Data Feed” to allow agencies to monitor regional transit conditions, throughout the region, in real-time,” said Infosenseglobal Project Manager, Bhavik Trivedi.

So, what is the TRANSCOM Real-Time Transit Data Feed? It is a consolidated source of up-to-the-minute transit information in the NY/NJ/CT Region, according to Trivedi. It is available in two standards based formats. These formats, recognized and utilized by the public transportation agencies around the world, are the General Transit Feed Specification Real-Time (GTFS-real-time) and Service Interface for Real Time Information (SIRI).

“The work that Infosenseglobal has done on the Regional Real-time Transit Data Feed is a game changer for TRANSCOM,” Batz added. “For the first time in our 30 years in existence, our member agencies can see what is happening on the transportation network, both road and rail, in the region.”

“On behalf of the entire ISG team, we are humbled and honored to again be the co-recipient of the Outstanding ITS Project of the Year Award for the second year in a row!” said Mr. Trivedi. “This award represents the tremendous hard work and effort by so many dedicated members of the ISG staff.”

“ISG staff who have played key roles on this project includes: Bhavin Trivedi, Hardik Patel, Laukik Pachanekar, Prashant Rokad, Jahid Ajmeri, Ketan Dhayani, Naitik Shah and Rekansh Patel” Trivedi added. I am also thankful to ISG support staff who monitors the health of the system and performs QA/QC work 24/7/365.