2017 Outstanding ITS Project of The Year at NJ

Glad to inform that we have added another feather to our cap!

For the second year in a row, Our team alongwith our client, TRANSCOM, and implementation partner ConSysTec, co-received the “2017 Outstanding ITS Project of the Year – Transit Data Interface within TRANSCOM’s DFE/SPATEL Tool” award at the ITS New Jersey Annual Conference held in New Brunswick, NJ on September 7th, 2017.

The Regional Real-Time Transit Data Interface Feed is a consolidated source of up-to-the-minute transit information in the NY/NJ/CT Region. It is available in two standards based formats that are recognized and utilized by the public transportation agencies around the world.

Rail and subway usage in our area is equally important as our highway system. Our member agencies needed the ability to monitor multimodal transportation throughout the region, in real-time and in one platform. As an organization, we are thrilled with the development and deployment of the Regional Real-Time Transit Data Interface Feed for our transit member agencies. For the first time in TRANSCOM’s 30 years in existence, all member agencies can now monitor regional rail conditions as well as highway conditions, in real-time through our SPATEL Suite of Tools. – Steve Levine Executive Director at TRANSCOM

Earlier this year, the same Regional Real-Time Transit Data Interface Feed was recognized by ITS New York as the Outstanding Project of the Year at their annual conference in June-2017. This award represents the tremendous hard work and effort by so many dedicated members of the ISG staff and it’s their determination and quality work that brought the laurels for our project from two states.

ISG staff who have played key roles on this project includes: Bhavin Trivedi-Project Manager, Hardik Patel-Programmer Analyst, Laukik Pachanekar-Programmer Analyst, Prashant Rokad-Delivery Manager, Jahid Ajmeri-Team Lead Database, Ketan Dhayani-Team Lead Java, Kruti Patel, Programmer Analyst, Naitik Shah-Team Lead GIS and Rekansh Patel-Team Lead .Net

This award would not have been possible if we did not continue to receive the tremendous support from many areas of the company. On a daily basis, ISG support staff monitors the health of the system and performs QA/QC as well. During this journey, we are reminded of the critical role documentation plays in the successful development and deployment of these complex projects. Hardik Patel and Bhavin Trivedi played a critical role in the success of this project as well. The ISG Documentation Team continues to do an amazing job supporting us during these initiatives. I again want to let everyone know how grateful I am to have such dedicated, hardworking staff from throughout ISG working on this project. Without all these team members, we would not have won the award for the second year in a row. – Bhavik Trivedi – Project Manager, ISG