2017 IRF GRAA Award

Another moment of pride !

We are proud to share that Infosenseglobal Transportation Group earned yet another prestigious award at the 2017 International Road Federations’ (IRF) Global Road Achievement Awards (GRAA) Ceremony held on October 30th, 2017 at the Waldorf Astoria, the Palm Jumeirah, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Much of the transport sector’s accomplishments are unnoticed by the hundreds of millions of people who benefit so greatly from the availability of safe, smart and interconnected road networks. This is precisely why the IRF’s Global Road Achievement Awards provide a rare opportunity to celebrate our industry’s successes, and highlight how our work supports broader societal goals. – IRF Chairman Abdullah Al-Mogbel

The IRF honored 11 projects from 9 countries around the world, each leading the way in innovation across major road & highway disciplines. The selection was made by an international panel of senior road development specialists.

Infosenseglobal, our client, TRANSCOM, as well as ConSysTec together received The IRF’s Global Road Achievement Award for “Traffic Management and Intelligent Transportation Systems”, for developing Traffic Management and ITS solutions for TRANSCOM and its member agencies in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Region. We felt really honored because it was the ONLY award presented to a project in the United States.

This award validates that TRANSCOM, its member agencies and IT consultants have developed a world-class solution for their regional approach to multi-modal transportation agency infrastructure interoperability, to improve the safety, efficiency, and cost effectiveness of transportation for its travelers. In addition, this methodology is worth adapting and adopting by other groups of agencies sharing multi-modal infrastructure in complex regions of the world. – Tom Batz, Deputy Executive Director of TRANSCOM

We through our innovative transport service and solutions for our client, aim at creating a positive impact on the travelling public in the regions of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Attendees included: Sanjay Patel- Director of Operations, TRANSCOM; Bhavik Trivedi – Project Manager, ISG, Jim Hadden- Project Manager, ISG and Dr. Rob. Jaffe, ConSysTec.