2016 Outstanding ITS Project of The Year at NY

Infosenseglobal and their client, TRANSCOM, were the co-recipients of the prestigious “Outstanding ITS Project of the Year – Integrated Multi-Agency Highway and Transit Information System” by the Intelligent Transportation Society (ITS) of New York. The award was presented at the, 23rd Annual ITS New York Meeting and Technology Exhibition in Saratoga Springs, NY in June, 2016.

The award was based on Infosenseglobal’s development and deployment of the TRANSCOM Data Fusion Engine (DFE) and the Selected Priorities Applied to Evaluated Links (SPATEL) tools. The award was presented to Bhavik Trivedi and Jim Hadden, along with other co-recipients.

The DFE/SPATEL system integrates and distributes speed and travel time data received from vehicle probe and spot speed technologies, supplemented by private sector GPS data. It fuses data from this wide range of the systems and translates it into a common format for distribution and analysis. The DFE/SPATEL system provides travel times that are updated every two minutes on a growing number of dynamic message signs around the New Jersey and New York City Metropolitan Region.

Bhavik Trivedi, took this opportunity to thank all the team members, by saying, “This award is a culmination of a lot of hard work by many of my co-workers. The key team members who have worked on this project were: Bhavin Trivedi, Laukik Pachanekar, Hardik Patel, Prashant Rokad, Ketan Dhayani, Naitik Shah and Dhananjay Chauhan along with their team”.