2016 Outstanding ITS Project of The Year at NJ

On October 19, 2016, the “2016 Outstanding ITS Project of the Year – TRANSCOM Middleware Project” was presented to TRANSCOM, Infosenseglobal, ConSysTec and the Federal Highway Administration at the Intelligent Transportation Society of New Jersey’s (ITS NJ) Annual Conference held at the Heldrich Hotel in New Brunswick, NJ.

This marks the second time in less than a year that, the Infosenseglobal Transportation Group and their client, TRANSCOM, were the recipients to a prestigious award.

“From the development of the software to the independent testing to the verification and validation of conformance to the current TMDD standards, the contributions from each participant in this project, particularly, the Infosenseglobal Transportation Group, played an invaluable role in the success of this project,” said Tom Batz, Acting Executive Director, TRANSCOM.

“The use of the TRANSCOM Middleware Software will reduce the cost of the data exchange interface applications as well as any ongoing operations & maintenance needs,” said Batz. “This represents a key benefit for all of the TRANSCOM member agencies who can now reference the TRANSCOM Middleware and associated documentation as the system that allows a structured method for information exchange to support internal and external agency needs.”

These were all contributing factors in noting that the TRANSCOM Middleware System was the first verified TMDD Standard conformant system in the United States.

“The TRANSCOM Middleware Software Project now provides an open, secure platform for TRANSCOM member agencies to exchange critical information.,” said Bhavik Trivedi, Project Manager, ISG Transportation Group.

“We had some very dedicated staff from the ISG Transportation Group that worked on this project,” said Bhavik Trivedi. “Other staff members who worked on the TRANSCOM Middleware development project were: Bhavin Trivedi – Project Manager, Hardik Patel-Programmer Analyst, Jahid Ajmeri- DBA, Ketan Dhayani-Team Lead (Java)”, he added. “Without their hard work and dedication on this project we cannot reach to this success.”

“Report writing, documentation and accurate record keeping, also played a role in the success of this project,” Trivedi noted. “We also got tremendous support from Dr. Raman Patel, Jim Hadden and Hardik Patel.”